From Page To Stage To Pixel To Beyond: Or "So I Wrote It--Now What Do I Do?!" March 6 4:00 p.m.

Want to do more than just publish your work? How about a little Improv? A little Stage Reading? A Film Documentary? A "Monster" Opera?

Hear from the writers (and one Stories on Stage director) who have ventured beyond the printed and pixel page. They will share their experiences, how-tos, and creative work.  Featuring award winning film maker, Coleen Hubbard, Improv artist Pam Roth O'Mara, Stories on Stage Anthony Powell, and Flash Fiction Monster Opera Writer Nancy Stohlman.

Date: March 6, 2014

Time: 4:00 p.m.

Location: Main Arapahoe Community College Building, Third Floor Room 3750

Food and Drink: Suggested Donation $5


coleen hubbardColeen Hubbard

Film Writer



Coleen Hubbard wrote, directed, and starred in the feature documentary The Contents of Her Purse. She writes and appears in the hit Web show The Carla Critical Show. She is the author of more than a dozen books, including the regional best-seller Big Purple Mommy, which explores the effects of motherhood on a woman's creative life. Coleen is also a story consultant and playwright, who has enjoyed productions of her work across the country. Her plays include The Contents of Her Purse (the basis for the feature documentary), Motherload, A Ritual for Returning, A Host of Others, Fordlandia, and The Raft.

Contents of Her Purse “Fashion is about which purse you carry, but life is about what you carry in your purse!” says award-winning filmmaker Coleen Hubbard. The Contents of Her Purse” is an intimate and hilarious exploration of the depths of women’s handbags—and all that their contents reveal about vanity, necessity, and identity. From a five-year-old girl with her very first “toy” purse, to a 95-year-old senior whose purse holds a handicap parking sticker and denture cream, Hubbard’s film features interviews with women from every point on the female life cycle. “We have high school girls, hipster grad students, new mothers whose purses transform into diaper bags overnight, working professionals, world travelers, and everything in-between,” adds Hubbard. Curious about what men really think about women’s purses, Hubbard interviewed a group of diverse men, whose candid and comic observations add a “fun and thought-provoking perspective” to the documentary.


anthony powell Anthony Powell

Artistic Director

Stories on Stage

Anthony began his professional career as an actor, touring the U.S. for three seasons as a performer with John Houseman’s The Acting Company. An Associate Artist with the Denver Center Theatre Company for eighteen seasons, he directed over twenty-five productions there, including DEATH of a SALESMAN, DIRTY STORY, WIT, THE DRESSER, RACING DEMON, THE LEENANE TRILOGY and HAMLET. He has acted and directed for The Arvada Center, Denver’s Curious Theatre Company, Theatre Aspen, and Creede Repertory. In June of 2010 he took over from Founder Norma Moore as Artistic Director of  Stories on Stage, a Denver-based theatre company that mounts a full season of shows featuring professional actors performing short literature, essays and flash fiction. 

Powell will speak on  the process of actors reading prose pieces (that weren't written with public performance in mind) and how that differs from working on theatrical. He will also describe how Stories on Stage selects material for their  Stories on Stage shows  

and lessons he's learned the hard way...



nancy stohlmanNancy Stohlman,

Fiction Writer and Singer

The F-Bomb Flash Fiction Reading Series

Nancy Stohlman's books include The Monster Opera (2013, adopted for the stage, Searching for Suzi: a flash novel (2009), Live From Palestine (2003), and three anthologies of flash fiction including Fast Forward: The Mix Tape (2010), which was a finalist for a 2011 Colorado Book Award. She is a founding member of Fast Forward Press, the creator and curator of The F-Bomb Flash Fiction Reading Series in Denver, and her work has been recently nominated for The Best of the Web.

Adapting your work for the stage

The Monster Opera
(Bartleby Snopes Press), is a gothic literary noir, a multi-genre-bending novel-meets-libretto that combines recitative with dialogue, aria with prose, and ultimately asks the question: Who owns a story? Nancy has adapted the book for the stage and worked with composer Nick Busheff to create an original score. She will talk about straddling genre and how to combine the influences of many forms of art.

Watch The Monster Opera Book Trailer here:


Pam Roth O'MaraPam Roth O’Mara

Improv and Performance


Pam Roth O'Mara was a creative child, and the rest is history. Over the years she's experimented with different art forms. Her favorites are improv acting; being silly; creating and performing ThumbPrintPlays™; and creating and exhibiting ThumbPrintPlay Art™.  She was invited to (and did) submit several pieces of ThumbPrintPlay Art™ to the Guggenheim’s 2013 Gutai Card Box Exhibit. She’s currently expanding her portfolio of ThumbPrintPlay Art™; is one-half of the OY!Improv™  Jewish Theater Project  ( with Cherie Karo Schwartz; and is working on a full-length solo improv show.  She leads improv sessions whenever she can get at least 6 people to enroll and will be teaching nature journaling workshops featuring her ThumbPrintPlay Writing Method™ at the Carson Nature Center, South Platte Park. 

Doing Improv

It’s about playing and what comes from it. I love how all of these creative forms play off each other – improv, writing, visual works, performance. This presentation is about the evolution of the concept of ThumbPrintPlays™ and what they do for me as a writer, artist, director, instructor, coach, performer, and performance artist – not necessarily in that order.


"I do improv because I can't remember lines, and the silliness I inherited from my family. ThumbPrintPlays™ and ThumbPrintPlay Art™ evolved from an entry I submitted into a one-page playwriting contest in 2010, which required an interesting visual presentation. My play, written in the shape of a thumbprint, was accepted and produced in Boston. About a year later I started writing in the thumbprint format and decided to call them ThumbPrintPlays™."